Brunch: Making Drinking Before Noon Acceptable
If I start my day drinking at 10am it's a safe bet there would be concern that I have a problem. But if I start drinking at 10am at a restaurant with a plate of hash browns in front of me, that's just brunch!
8 Phrases You Shouldn’t Say To Idahoans
People in Idaho are very proud of their state and where they are from. Even though I am not a native, I feel like I should have grown up here. If you recently moved here or are visiting, there are things no one should say to an Idahoan.
How Do You Long Distance Parent In A Pandemic?
I moved to Boise at the end of 2019 to come to work on the radio in the Treasure Valley, but because I have teenagers, the rest of my family couldn’t move here until the end of the school year.  Enter the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Now, my plan to visit them every other weekend ha…

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