Boise has a little bit of something for everyone and many of us would argue that it's the perfect place to live (don't tell anyone). But, even the most enjoyable and perfect things have room for improvement.

Fill In The Blank: "Boise needs to stop _____."

What would fill the blank in with? We asked locals on social media and out on the streets to do just that and we got a variety of answers.

Two of the most common subjects that people had something to say about were driving and people moving here. Are we surprised?

According to one report from California Movers (the irony), an estimated 40,000 people moved to Boise in 2023. Most people would agree that it's not a matter of whether we'll see even more people move in 2024, it's just a matter of how many.

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As for the topic of driving and traffic, one could argue that that's what comes with more people moving into the area. Heck, you're probably familiar with the infamous Facebook group Boise - Bad Driver Spotted, if for some reason you need convincing that driving is a hot topic in Boise, that's your group.

One of our favorite responses though, came from Kris R. who filled in the blank with nothing:

"Nothing in the blank. People in Boise need to stop. Stop it."

What would you fill the blank in with? Share your picks with us here!

FILL IN THE BLANK: Boise needs to stop ________.

We asked locals to share what they want people to stop doing, here are their 11 brutally honest requests...

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