Idaho is truly unlike any other state and offers a variety of lifestyles that anyone can enjoy. Do you love the outdoors? Idaho has so much wildlife and outdoorsy things to do that you and Mother Nature will be on a first-name basis. Do you enjoy the nightlife? Downtown Boise has you covered with all of the nightlife things and downtown is much cleaner than most cities.

Whatever it is that tickles your fancy, Idaho has it.

How would you describe Idaho?

Now, we get it - if someone from the outside asks about the Gem State, you don't want to give them "too much" because heaven forbid if they get curious and move here. Now, hypothetically of course, if you were asked to describe Idaho to an outsider... what would you say?

Better yet, how would you describe Idaho to someone using only one word?

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We took to social media and other local sources to ask people what they would say. We received responses relating to the weather, the vibe people give off, and even some puzzling ones that we're still trying to figure out.

What would you add to this list? Let us know here!

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