There is a lot to love about Boise but if you've lived in the area for a long time, you might resent some of those things people love so much.

And that's perfectly okay...

Is Boise no longer... "cool"?

To some people, Boise is a lot like that band or artist you discovered before anyone else. You love their music despite them having a small fan base - it makes it feel personal like they belong to you.

Then... it happens. They make it big.

They sign a big record contract and suddenly, you see them everywhere. They're all over social media, their music is being used in TikToks, shows, movies, etc.

All of a sudden, they're no longer yours. You feel like they sold out and it almost becomes a turn-off.

Boise is no different.

There are so many things in Boise people love and at one point, were maybe even proud of until more people moved to Idaho. Now that all of these new people have moved into the state, it feels saturated and those hidden gems are no longer hidden.

You hear someone boast about how great something is but they weren't there from the beginning when it was yours.

It's why we asked locals to share things they used to love the most but now... feel like aren't that great anymore - unpopular opinions to speak.

Now, this is your waiver - not all of these are necessarily facts, they're exactly what we said they were: opinions.

You might even strongly disagree and that's what makes America great, we're all allowed to say what we want and I invite you to share your unpopular opinion about Boise and Idaho here!

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