Boise Police have "had it up to here" with vehicle burglaries and they cracked down in a huge way.

If there was ever a time to thank an officer, this is one of those times.

Boise Police Drop The Long Hammer Of The Law On Car Thieves

The Boise Police Department took to social media to share an astounding stat about their work to keep us safe and protect our belongings.

In a social media post, they shared:

Earlier this year, Boise Police officers noticed an uptick in vehicle burglaries and in many cases, firearms were stolen from the vehicles as well as other items. Investigators quickly began looking further into the issue and doing some targeted patrols. This investigation led officers to arrest a group of juveniles who were found to be involved in not only vehicle burglaries but additional crimes, including an assault, multiple shootings, and vandalism.

The result was a drastic decrease in vehicle burglaries which we can see in a graph Boise police shared below.

You have to give them some serious props for paying attention to the reports and crimes being committed and then doing something about it. It's one thing to highlight a problem and do nothing. It's an entirely different situation when our police look at a problem and say: "NOT TODAY!"

Check out Boise police's full post below including the graph showing the amazing progress:

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