Look at that number again: 76.

That's 76 heroes who gave us the ultimate sacrifice so we could be safe. That's 76 families missing a loved one during the holidays. That's 76 brave souls who probably didn't expect to kiss their family goodbye for the last time.

Remembering Idaho's Heroes

Many of us take some of the smallest things for granted: the hug of a loved one when you get home from work, the taste of a hot meal after a long day, etc. Some of us don't think about the line between us and those simple things we get to enjoy.

It's because of law enforcement that we are safe every day. And because we're safe every day, it's easy to forget that those protecting us could one day lose everything they have so we can enjoy the little things.

It's important to honor those fallen heroes which is why the Canyon County Sheriff's Office is holding its 12th Annual Canyon County Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony this Friday (5/17) at 2:00 PM.

The event will be held at The Center at the Canyon County Fair at 110 County Fair Avenue in Caldwell.

According to the Canyon County Sheriff's Office, the ceremony will start with a motorcade before a posting of the colors courtesy of the Canyon County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard.

According to the event's site, guests and speakers at the ceremony include U.S. Attorney for the District of Idaho Josh Hurwit, Senator Todd Lakey, Idaho State Police District 3 Captain Michael Winans, Sheriff Kieran Donahue, and "representatives from the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office and other area law enforcement agencies. "

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