There is definitely one thing special about Idaho, the outdoors. That's a very vague statement considering that could mean anything right? Well, let's pack up for the night trekking up the mountain to our favorite Idaho Yurt.

That's where we venture out today and something special to put on your list. I'm going to take you on a quick trip to Stargaze Yurt in Lowman, Idaho.

Idaho State Park Yurts are described as an Idaho version of Glamping. It's camping but with a circular twist and much cooler than your average tent. Each Yurt you seek out will have a different vibe, but all with the same look.

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What is a Yurt? It's a circular tent of felt or skins on a collapsible framework, used by nomads in Mongolia, Siberia, and Turkey according to Wikipedia.

Courtesy: Youtube
Courtesy: Youtube

You can find several mapped out in Idaho for a weekend getaway. You won't find wifi connections or tv's to watch Netflix. Instead, maybe a futon bd, wooden benches, a propane stove, and lanterns. It's dark unless you light up that lantern. It's camping in the backcountry of Idaho and how it's supposed to be. The point is to leave the noise behind you and enjoy the outdoors.

Winter isn't over yet and we still have snow on the way. If you're looking for something to really take you away from the city, head out to Idaho City. You might actually be surprised at all the places to relax away in a Yurt with family or friends right here in Idaho.

I came across a video from Sara who took a video from beginning to end in their family Yurt visit. I love how the experience is so vast across driving to the drop-off spot, trekking up to the mountain, and the time in the Yurt. If you're looking for time away from emails, social media, and the daily repetition this could be your weekend vacation.

You can follow Sara below and I will also post a list of 7 Yurts to visit in Idaho.


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