The crime spree happened around 8:30 p.m. last night while kids were still trick-or-treating in the area of Kuna / Ten Mile Roads intersection.An intoxicated teenager ran through young children trick-or-treating into a home in the Sutter's Mill neighborhood on Yukon Drive and then started arguing with people who lived in the home.

The teenager then tried to steal the truck in the driveway and was eventually pulled out of the vehicle by someone at the home.  He then took off and broke into another home on Whitehorse Avenue and started beating an elderly man who lived there.  Then the kid took all his clothes off and hid in the bedroom.

Kuna Police had no problem finding him and he was immediately taken into custody and transported to the hospital.  There is no connection between the young boy and these two homes and the entire incident is still under investigation.  Official charges will come after the boy is released from the hospital.  For more details go to

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