We need your help! We wanna create the best radio station we can, built by you, for you!

If you've listened in the afternoon to WOW 104.3, you may have heard us ask you to help us pick the music, especially in the 5:00 p.m. hour during the "Wow Ride Home".  It really does help when you give us an idea which songs you really like, and which ones you may not be that fond of.

The cool thing, there's never a wrong answer, and sometimes, a song you didn't like much at first really grows on you...OR...vice versa! We love that feedback from you, and believe it or not, we get that information back, and look at it to see what it is you are liking...and what you're not!

So help us build a better radio station and help us pick the music. You can do that just by clicking on this link and clicking the UP arrow on the songs you like, and the down arrow on the ones you're not so sure of!

You can also sign up for our WOW Song Alerts, and get a text, a tweet or an e-mail when your favorite songs are coming up on WOW Country 104.3!

So help us out!  DRIVE THE MUSIC HERE

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