Lee Smith III of Houston, Texas would dress up and impersonate a pediatrician to lure little children in and then sexually abuse them.  Authorities had a tough time figuring out the identity of Smith for a while and once they did, he was on the run.  Nowhere to be found.

KTVB just reported that Smith was taken into custody by the Boise Police Department Sunday morning.  His car Mercedes broke down on Bogus Basin Road when cops pulled up, ran his license plate, checked his I.D. and knew they'd caught a wanted man.

Smith is wanted for sexually assaulting two children.  One of them is six-years-old and the other is 15.  He gained their trust by putting on scrubs, a doctor's overcoat along with gloves and a stethoscope.  Authorities say they have no idea how many victims Smith has but they're sure there's more.  He's currently in the Ada County Jail and will soon be sent back to Houston to face his charges.

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