Treasure Valley kids are making their lists for Santa and this is the number one thing on their list.

Apparently my kids were on to something last year because they were begging and pleading for ....


According to a new study by this is the toy that is at the top of Idaho kids Christmas lists this year.

What's Cosmo you ask? A little robot that you are supposed to be able to train like your dog. It's controlled through an app on your phone and is programmed to recognize your voice.

Oh Santa brought my kids Cosmo last year for about $200. Did they go crazy?! Heck yeah! Was it worth it? I don't think so.

Here are my complaints about Cosmo.

  • It only recognizes one voice, so getting it for my two kids to share didn't work well.
  • Cosmo is controlled by an app on your phone. This means my kids who don't have phones yet were constantly stealing my phone to play with Cosmo.
  • Can it do some cool tricks... yes. $200 worth, No.
  • My kids lost the charger for a good 6 months, so they couldn't play with Cosmo.
  • As with most things the newness wears off and after the first couple of weeks they weren't that enamored by it.

It's definitely a very cute toy, sounds and acts a lot like Disney's WALL-E, and it's come down in price about $20 at $179.99.

Are your kids begging for Cosmo this year?