Have you had what LoveFood.com calls the best sandwich in Utah? 

LoveFood released a list of the best sandwiches in every state, we don't know how they determine how this is the best sandwich in Utah, but we can speculate it's based on Yelp and Tripadvisor reviews. 

These sandwiches look delicious from their Facebook, Yelp, and Tripadvisor pictures. Do the reviews back up the photos? 

This review from Yelp says, "The food was incredible. Best krinkle cut fries I've ever had. They were so crispy and well seasoned that we didn't even use dipping sauce. We got the hot chicken sandwich with a slight kick, but not as hot as we expected. It was crispy, juicy, and tasty. Highly recommend if you're in the area!" 

Another Yelp review said, "The BEST hot chicken sandwich. Legit!" 

Many more reviews back up the claim that LoveFood has made about this being the best sandwich in Utah. 

Shay D./Yelp
Shay D./Yelp

USA Today has it on their list of "20 of the best fried chicken places in America," People Magazine included it on their list of "The Best Sandwich in Every State and Washington, D.C." 

The Pretty Bird has four locations throughout Utah and was started by Chef Viet Pham, who immigrated to the U.S. when he was seven months old. He was named one of "America's Best New Chefs" in 2011 by Food & Wine Magazine. 

The menu is simple. The fried chicken sando or the fried chicken sando combo. You can order fries as a side and purchase extra "pretty bird sauce." 

Tony T./Yelp
Tony T./Yelp

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