Dierks Bentley is in the process of potty training his 2 year old son Knox and he's come up with a pretty creative way to get the job done.

Dierks says after M&M's and positive reinforcement didn't work, he started dressing up as a Storm Trooper named Storm Pooper!!

We asked our listeners across the Treasure Valley how they potty trained their kids and here are some of their suggestions.

  • Throw a princess party (or something similar for a boy like a ninja turtles party)! Watch movies about your themed party while your child sits on the potty for a few hours and reward him/her when they finally go.
  • Sink the Cheerios game! This only works with little boys, but they have fun aiming for the Cheerios.
  • Hot Wheel Racer reward. Paul in Meridian says he loved Hot Wheel cars as a little boy, so his dad would reward him with a new one every time he went a week without wetting his pants.
  • Sword Fights! (Obviously this one is only for little boys too, but Rick did this with his son Brode and he says it worked like a charm.)
  • Fancy Panties! Karen in Nampa says her little girl loved pretty underwear, but she quickly learned that she could only wear them if she went in the potty like a big girl.

If you're going through the potty training process, good luck!

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