One of the things people love about America is the Second Amendment - the right to bear arms. It's a nice failsafe to have in 2024, especially when an officer's response time can be the difference between life and death.

But how far does the law go in Utah when it comes to protecting yourself?

As it turns out - Utah is all about the "freedom of defense"... at least that's what we're calling it.

Anything goes in Utah... well, almost anything goes

According to Utah legislation, there are several weapons that are classified as "Deadly Weapons" but overall, there aren't that many restrictions on weapons.

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Of course, there are the typical age limits such as anyone under 18 years old not being able to possess a firearm. You could technically operate a firearm if you're a minor and under the supervision of a guardian or parent... and you're not aiming at any innocent bystanders.

Now, what about the weapons that you're allowed to use to defend yourself? There is no shortage of options, that's for sure!

These Weapons Are 100% Illegal Everywhere... Except In Utah

You can own pretty much anything to defend yourself in Utah... well, almost anything.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Now, what about our neighboring states like the state of California? As it turns out, they have a perspective on weapons that is a complete 180 from the policies of Utah.

Here are twenty weapons that you're banned from using in California.

20 Deadly Weapons That Are Illegal in California

If you ever plan on owning a firearm in California, make sure you're not in the market for any of these illegal deadly weapons!

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At least we know Idaho and Utah are among the states where you can defend yourself with some pretty serious weaponry.

Unfortunately, we might need those weapons if a place like Russia decides to "test" its "super weapons" on Idaho...

...but can those weapons even do anything?

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