The Ada County Coroner's Office has just released the fourth victim's name.  We've known about the three men from the Mountain Home Airforce Base for a couple days now but the fourth name has remained secret until now.  His name is Illya D. Tsar, a 42-year-old man from Rochester, New York who's cause of death has been said to be from thermal and inhalation injuries.

KTVB reports that Tsar was one of the drivers of the two large commercial vehicles that collided causing the explosion and ended up involving seven vehicles total.  The cause at this time has been stated as too many vehicles having to slow down too fast because of construction along the Cloverdale overpass area.  That overpass has been shut down indefinitely.

The other three men who died in this horrific accident were Senior Airman Carlos V. Johnson, Senior Airman Lawrence P. Manlapit III, and Senior Airman Karlie A. Westall.  We're all praying and thinking about the families and friends of everyone lost.

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