Idaho is anything but boring, but according to this new report this one city is a big yawn!!

My favorite thing about Idaho is how much there is to do. I love floating down the river, white water rafting, and hiking in the summer. Skiing and snowboarding in the winter.

This study by is based off of how many "interesting" businesses are in the city compared to the ratio of people. They believe a city needs a lot of breweries, museums, and art to be fun. I could debate that a bit, but that's the basis of these results and they have deemed the "Most Boring City in Idaho" to be....


I'll admit I've never spent time in Lewiston, although I have a lot of family that is from their and it seems like a very quaint, cool, town to me. also points out that with a population just above 62,000 they have 44 restaurants, 12 bars, 15 hotels, and a museum!

It may not be Boise, but that doesn't sound so boring to me!