Would you pay $100 for a plate of food?! We've got some good dining here in the Treasure Valley, but man it can be expensive. Here is the priciest menu item and one of the cheapest!

State & Lemp has a $95 seasonal menu item that changes according to the times, but it's always $95. $30 wine pairings make it the priciest dinner you can dine out on in Idaho according to a new study by msn.com.

On the flip side, you can grab a $3 empanada for the "best cheap eat" in the state at Tango's Empanadas located off of Orchard in Boise. MSN suggests trying the Gaucho which is stuffed with ground beef, eggs, olives, onions, peppers, and lots of spices.

Whether your budget is tight or you are ready to splurge, the restaurants of the Treasure Valley are sure to fill your tummy with a lot of yummy!

Who wants to take me to dinner?!

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