The housing market in the Boise area is crazy. It has been skyrocketing for a few years with no end in sight. Local wages are not keeping up with it and many people are moving to Idaho from out of state. Many locals have their own feelings about all of that.

Boise is made up of 44 constituent neighborhoods, and is a steady mix of white-collar and blue-collar workers. According to data pulled from Neighborhood Scout, Boise is full of single people in their 20s and 30s who are educated and starting careers.

What I am laying out here is simply a list of the most expensive neighborhoods in Boise for 2021. We are also comparing two different results from websites. First Neighborhood Scout ranked these as being the top 10 areas where people are paying more than the average for the area.

1) Boise Hills Village
2) Highlands
3) Vernon
4) N 13Th St / Brumback St
5) Greenwood Cir / S Montevista Ave
6) Barber
7) Warm Springs Ave / S Walnut St
8) City Center
9) W State St / Plantation Dr
10) E Chinden Blvd / N Eagle Rd

Another website called Areavibes has a different top ten list although you will notice some neighborhoods that are the same on this list as the other. By using a few metrics to sort in overall cost of living which includes: groceries, goods and services, real estate and rent prices, here is what Area Vibes came up with as the top ten most expensive neighborhoods in Boise.

1) Highlands
2) Harris Ranch
3) Warm Springs Mesa
4) Boise Heights
5) Quail Ridge
6) Stewart Gulch
7) East End
8) Warm Springs Estates
9) West Cloverdale
10) Harrison Boulevard

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