When that giant Idaho potato first started getting trekked around the United States back in 2012, it was originally done so to celebrate the Idaho Potato Commission's 75th Anniversary. But, according to the Idaho Statesman, 'The Big Idaho Potato' was only meant to last a year, well they made it work and continued showing it to people all over the country. In fact it's been to over 1,200 events, "logged 155,000 miles and visited 7,000 cities and towns in 48 states."

The commission knew, however, that eventually, they'd have to get it replaced if they wanted to continue to share it with the masses. So they went back to the first potato's creators (who are also credited with creating the Idaho Potato Drop spud) to make them a brand, spankin' new russet. So, the Schofields from Weiser got to work. According to the Idaho Statesman, the couple made it their full-time job to create their masterpiece.

The new model will look essentially the same, with a few changes in dimension. It will still be 28 feet long and 11.5 feet tall, but its girth will be a little slimmer at 10 feet versus the first potato's 12-foot width. Two feet doesn't seem like a big deal, but actually, that change alone will allow them to get more permits to travel on more roads, turn corners easier, and get through city streets better. Not to mention the lighter version made of fiberglass means less gas and wear and tear on the 72-foot-long truck they use to haul it around. It will also boast storage and shelving units, interior lights, and even AC for when the crew has to change into the Spuddy Buddy mascot costume! Want to check it out for your self? CLICK HERE for a schedule of 'The Famous Idaho Potato' tour. 


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