Brooklyn Rodgers was born with Trisomy 4p, a rare chromosomal disorder that affects so many different areas of the body I can't even begin to explain.  Brooklyn's parents, Blake and Sarah Rodgers had the same dreams most of us have for their little girl.  That she'd love life.  Go to school, make friends, have challenges and defeat those challenges becoming a strong, confident, beautiful woman.  When finding out that their baby girl was going to have Trisomy 4p some of those dreams seemed impossible.  Some of those challenges seemed unfair and too big.  But tell that to Brooklyn.

After a lifetime of teasing, bullying, medical issues, surgeries, and losing her older brother to the same exact condition she has, Brooklyn was NOT going to STOP.  She recently achieved one of her dreams and became a cheerleader at West Minico Jr. High near Burley, Idaho.

Credit: Sarah Rodgers

Words can not express how grateful I am that there are people like this one group of girls and their leaders who see and know beauty for what beauty really is.  To go out of their way to make EVERYONE feel like they are THE best.  Here's a message Brooklyn's mom posted on Facebook this morning...

I never thought I'd get the life I have. I never expected to be dealt this hand. I've experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows! I've laughed & cried, loved & lost.

I have accepted what God has given me. All I have ever wanted for Stetson and Brooklyn was for them to be included, and accepted for the amazing beings they are. When Stetson started going to West Minico after a horribly hard last few years at Heyburn, I knew in my heart it was going to be different.... it was going to be amazing ! And I was right. For 2 1/2 years he was loved, accepted and included. He made memories and friends. He lived life to the fullest. And he died a happy and fulfilled young man.

Brooklyn has always been a little harder then Stetson. She's an in your face kind of girl. But Jr. High has been so good for her. This year especially. Because...She's found her people, she's found her place. She has been accepted, included and these girls love her, they are all a true team! My baby girl has had a rough few years, so to see her beautiful smile while she does what she loves, is just what I need to see. We are so grateful she was given this opportunity to be a cheerleader this year!

And Jett...he's the amazing calm after our storm !

Never take a moment for granted. Be nice to people. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE & LOVE some more ! Offer your littles opportunities that make them smile amazing smiles ! Let them find their passion!

If you're lucky enough to meet this young girl and her family, it'll change you forever.  I honestly have never seen such a gorgeous cheerleader.  Brooklyn's beautiful in ways most of us will never understand and never have the ability to understand.  Beauty like this is rare and if you EVER in your life find an opportunity to be touched by someone magical like this, seize that moment.  Why?  Because true beauty is infectious and contagious and maybe... just maybe, you'll be lucky enough to be this beautiful too.

Credit: Sarah Rodgers