This is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet. Brooklyn has been dealt a lot of tough cards in this life, but she's always got a smile on her face. Here's her story.

Brooklyn and her older brother Stetson were both born with a very rare disorder, Trisomy 4p. Their Mom, Sarah says there are less than 100  cases in the world.

For Brooklyn, who is almost 13, Trisomy 4p has caused severe scoliosis. She has undergone four back surgeries, (I had this surgery once and that was enough pain for me.) infections, picc lines, meds, and rod lengthening. In addition to physical challenges, Brooklyn just lost her best friend, her older brother, Stetson at the end of January. He was only 15 years old and his passing has left a huge hole in this families life. Through everything, Brooklyn continues to smile and bring joy to all who love her and who loved Stetson.

His mother Sarah shared this story with us. She told us that on January 25th Stetson's "Make a Wish" application was granted. They discussed what he would want to do for his wish and the only thing he wanted was to meet Johnny Cash. On January 26th Stetson went to sleep and got his wish. He passed away from a massive seizure caused by Trisomy 4p and his Mom says she knows he was in heaven meeting the "Man in Black."

Through "Rick and Carly's Kids" we hope to keep Stetson's memory alive and give Brooklyn something to smile about. We've hooked her up with some country concerts this summer because Stetson loved country music and we're taking Brooklyn to Young Art in Boise to create a special piece of art in honor of her brother.

We love you Brooklyn and we are cheering you and your family on along this very difficult journey.

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