It's been exactly 74 years this week since the term "flying saucers" was coined and it happened after this Boise man had a wild day with 9 UFO encounters.

Back in 1947, June 24th to be specific, a Boise man by the name of Kenneth Arnold was in Washington State near Mount Rainier. He was a civilian pilot, flying around when he encountered NINE UFO's in that one day. He described them as flying in a 'V' formation together over Mount Rainier and estimated they were traveling at approximately 1700 miles per hour... That's a fast V formation! In nearby (Washington, Oregon and Idaho, presumably) news reports, he was quoted as saying the way these UFO's moved was like "a saucer if you skip it across water". From this, the term "flying saucers" was coined. Kenneth came back home to Boise and the term inspired by his description went on to be famous around the globe!

Not only did his description turn into a popular term for UFO's, but it shaped the way we picture the way they fly. Think of how many movies have depicted aliens gliding in on their "flying saucers", and then zooming back out into space at 1700 miles per hour. This is largely based on one Boise man's description of seeing them 74 years ago today.

Sidebar: Back in January of this year, the CIA released UFO information along with Idaho specific reports. The one thing I've always thought about aliens and life on other planets is this: It would be extraordinary for there to be other life in this universe and it would be equally as extraordinary if in this massive universe, we were all alone and they weren't. Either way, it's fascinating!

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