Happy National Popcorn Day! To celebrate, we wanted to share with you the top 5 places for the best, most delicious popcorn in the Treasure Valley.

Keep scrolling for a complete list of places, and pictures of their amazing popcorn 👇

According to National Today, it is officially National Popcorn Day! They said...

“Join us on January 19 as we celebrate National Popcorn Day! Buttered, salted, kettled, drizzled with caramel, popcorn is one of those snacks perfect anytime, anywhere. It’s great on the go, in the theater, or in your living room! Just be prepared to dig some of it out of your teeth.”

Yum. Whatever you fancy, and whatever your favorite kind of popcorn is... you’ll see below that the Boise area definitely has it!

Some of the listed places might not be as widely or commonly known, and many of us might only think about movie theaters when we're talking about popcorn, but the places below have your favorite popcorn, too, so go check em' out!

Now, we’ve covered a few holidays from National Today before, and something I noticed that was really interesting this time is... this holiday specifically is one of their most shared and talked about holidays on their website, with over 23K shares and 9/10 people reporting back saying they love popcorn.

I guess it’s safe to say most people really do love popcorn! Keep scrolling for a list of the top 5 places in the Treasure Valley for some of the best and most delicious popcorn you’ll ever have 👇

The Top 5 Places for Delicious Popcorn in the Boise Area

Gallery Credit: Parker Kane

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