The Zipper Merge. Have you heard of it? Well, before I go into why it's the most magnificent traffic maneuver ever, I will admit that I ALWAYS do this on I-84 and chances are you've probably given me a dirty look or have flipped me the bird...I forgive you. Now, let's chat.

What is the Zipper Merge? According to KTVB, it's when drivers use "both lanes of travel until reaching the defined merge area," then take turns moving into the continuing lane, one-by-one, coming together like the teeth of a zipper.

The one place that could benefit the MOST from this move-in my opinion- is on WB I-84 just after the Franklin Exit in Nampa. I stay in the merging lane until the very end, and I'm always super confused about why people honk at me and think I'm the worst driver on the planet!! I've even seen people drive in the middle of both lanes to prevent others from getting any further down the merging lane. What those people don't know, is that drivers who wait until the "last minute" are actually doing it the right way!!

The move is even encouraged by Idaho Transportation Department officials. Bill Kowtowski with the Office of Highway safety says, "it keeps a steady flow".  That is, if everyone is on board with the concept. So next time you're on I-84 and see some jerk staying in their merging lane until the end, cut him or her a little slack and just zipper. It will go a long way for everyone!

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