I guess having too many girl scout cookies is better than having a shortage of girl scout cookies, right? This is an unusual situation for The Girl Scouts of the United States of America. Nationwide they have 15 million boxes of unsold cookies! I'll take the Samoas off your hands!

Seriously though, over 15 million extra boxes of cookies that expire by spring of next year are just sitting. The Girl Scouts of America have been around for over 100 years and know a thing or two about their cookie sales. However, no one knew quite what the year of 2020 was going to do and this is another business that tried to plan accordingly but obviously overshot the goal. The traditional ways of selling cookies simply couldn't be done last year.

Now with a massive inventory on their hands the organization is asking for people to order cookies online, you can even donate them through its Hometown Heroes program, which distributes cookies to health care workers, firefighters, and others. This helps the organization as a whole but the cookie sales also help specific troops fund trips, events, camps and activities. I was a girls scout as a young girl and loved it. I still remember the little thrill that came with each cookie sale.

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According to CBS2, The majority of the cookie boxes are still with the bakeries where they are made. Little Brownie Bakers and ABC Bakers are working with the Girl Scouts to sell or donate cookies to places like food banks and the military. They will not sell to regular grocers because that takes away the specialness of buying them annually from the Girls Scouts. The bakeries may even sell to institutional buyers like prisons.


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