Bigfoot is real, people and he loves the Treasure Valley just as much as any of us do. Sasquatch aka Bigfoot is one of the Northwest’s great mysteries and I often ponder what Bigfoot will be like when we meet the hairy enigma. Is Bigfoot real? Where does Bigfoot live? Does Bigfoot have a wife and kids? These are the burning questions so many people like myself ponder on a daily basis.

I stumbled across a site that documents Bigfoot sightings called The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. Let me tell you, these reports are as thorough as they come. The eyewitness accounts are so detailed and specific, that it would take some serious planning and imagination to come up with these reports. What I love about this site most is that there are experts doing follow-up reports to the original eyewitness account. These experts have seen it all and aren’t afraid to call out a hoax.

Even more amazing, these Bigfoot encounters were reported to occur in or near Boise. Let’s dive in!

Idaho Bigfoot Encounters That Will Make You Think Twice Before Camping

We found five different encounters with Bigfoot that took place near Boise. Where do you think sasquatch is hiding?

Bigfoot Pictures

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