Sure, technology has made our lives better - for the most part. But I think there are some cool things that have pretty much disappeared because of technology.

The song "Back When" by Tim McGraw came on WOW 104.3 the other night while I was driving home. It made me think about some of the cool things we could do or that we had "back when."  Technology has taken some of those things away, or changed them so much that they're just not the same.

  • Prank Phone Calls: Being in radio, prank phone calls were always something you could pull off on the air, and have a lot of fun with. Now cell phones and caller ID put an end to that fun, on...or off the radio.
  • Magazines: Hey...what the heck do you take into the bathroom now? We used to take magazines and read (at least until our legs started to go numb). take your phone or tablet and surf (until your legs go numb).
  • Listening to Full Albums: Remember when you'd put an "album" on a record player and listen to the whole side, then flip it over and listen to the other side? CD's, iPods, iTunes messed that all up. Now people skip around and create "Genius" playlists. A lot of music fans these days only know a few songs by an artist and have no idea what album they were on originally.
  • Saturday Morning Cartoons: Oh I used to look forward to Saturday morning and the cartoons on TV. Looney Tunes were THE BEST! That Saturday morning slot from 6am - 9am was MINE...Cable TV, YouTube, on demand, etc...have taken away all sense of anticipation and cartoons are available 24/7 now.

Hey...I know, we have it SO much better these days. Right? Hmmmmm.....when cartoons were over on Saturday I went outside and played baseball or football with friends, or rode my bike, or did something where we had to look around us and see the world.

Today...I read where a company is claiming it has created a drone that can walk your dog. I'm sure that must be a real bonding moment for human and pet. Really?

The song "Back When" is pretty prophetic about where we used to be and where we are now. Sometimes I wish we could go back to that time. It seemed much simpler.

How about you? How has technology changed your life, and is it for the better?

Now...where's my phone? I feel so naked without my phone!



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