Hope you're ready to sleep among the stars.

It's nice to get away, especially in 2020, isn't it? Although this year has thrown a wrench in many of our big travel plans, there are still ways to take a little vacation. Hubby and I actually did a long weekend in a cabin a few months ago and loved it. Looking back, it sounds bizarre to leave our home of isolation where it's just the two of us to stay in another form of isolation where it's just the two of us, but pay for it.

Whatever we loved it.

I recently stumbled upon this Airbnb in Fernwood, Idaho. It's called Crystal Peak Lookout and it's pretty much the treehouse you dreamed about as a child. It. Looks. Amazing.

It's a studio cabin with one bedroom, meant for two guests. I say "meant" because I'm a firm believer in air mattresses and sleeping bags. The only problem is that there isn't a bathroom in the cabin. You'll have to use the outhouse instead.

And you might want to hold it at night.

See, this cabin sits high above the ground on stilts. It reminds me of a old, rustic air traffic control building. In order to get in, you'll need to climb a ladder, but once you're up there it's nothing but views for days with panoramic windows and a massive balcony. There's also a charming wood-burning stove and a sauna house on the ground level if you want to get into your Zen space.

This cabin is rated 4.90 and costs $200/night.

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