Stray bullets are a scary thing and it seems like a couple a year around the country either seriously injure or kill an innocent by standard around the US. We just had one too close to home. A young boy who was in his home nearly lost his life due to a stray bullet that came out of nowhere. 8-year-old Garden Valley resident was hit in the neck by a stray bullet while at home.  The boy was airlifted to a hospital in Boise for treatment, but is now back at home recovering. Thank goodness the wound is not believed to be life threatening. He is being carefully monitored by his family and medical staff in his home. The shooting happened around 11pm on Friday according to Boise County Sheriff's Office.

After a joint investigation between Boise Country Police and Idaho State Police they found the suspect. Brandon Nelson, a 41 year old man was charged with injuring another by careless handling and discharge of firearms. This is a misdemeanor charge and Nelson could get up to six months in jail for it.

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There have not been details on if the man was a neighbor, someone from the area or not. No word on if he knew the boy or the family who's home was struck accidentally. As you can imagine further charges are being reviewed in the case, and the investigation is ongoing.

I am a gun owner myself and advocate for safe storage and handling of firearms. Please, please, please if you own guns at home be beyond careful. Especially when cleaning or handling your firearm.


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