Back-to-school shopping is in full swing and man it is expensive! I've been really struggling to stretch my dollars and this one website has been a lifesaver. 

Just go to and you can do price comparisons at Target, Walmart, and other stores around the Treasure Valley.

Now the big downfall I see you can't really search for clothing. It's great for school supplies, but not back-to-school clothes.

Still, between two kids I find myself spending a good $150 on school supplies alone and with my son going into Middle School this year I've heard that price will go up significantly, so I'm going to take any deal I can find.

I love how it gives you the brand, store, and price to let you compare before you head out the door. Just search backpacks, folders, crayons, whatever you are looking for and it maps out where you should go shopping!

Good luck out there! Less than three weeks now and the kiddos are going back to school!!