Shhhhhhh... It's coming.  Something BIG.  Something FANTASTIC.  Something ULTRA POWERFUL.  The most important 48 hours of the year is about to kick off on WOW 104.3.  Some of you may already know what it is.  Some of you joined the movement last year.  You know what's coming although, I will say, this year is bigger and more powerful than ever.

For those of you that have no idea what's about to hit the WOW 104.3 airwaves, strap yourselves in because it's coming and you definitely want to be a part of this.  The following video gives you a little clue.

Oh.  And if you've been seeing these cool "This Shirt Saves Lives" shirts popping up everywhere and asking where you can get one, you're about to find out.  Know this.  Every single person wearing this shirt is a hero.  Wearing this shirt is a badge of honor and only VERY special people receive this badge of honor.