Soooo, I've never been pregnant. But I can imagine that when my husband and I decide it's time to expand our family, you better believe I'll be checking (beforehand) what type of maternity leave my company offers. Also...does my husband's employer even offer paternity leave? I HAVE NO IDEA!! You know what though? If we both worked for Chobani (the yogurt company with a plant in Twin Falls), we wouldn't even be thinking or stressing about it.

According to KTVB, Chobani is now offering all employees "six weeks of 100 percent paid parental leave." That's a month and a half with your new cuddly baby without the stress of losing out on money or dipping into your vacation time. This is a HUGE step for the American employer (and other companies should take note).

How does the U.S. parental leave stack up against other industrialized countries? It doesn't, and honestly, it's embarrassing. According to KTVB, in Sweden, "both mothers and fathers receive 480 days off, fully paid. Mothers in the United Kingdom get one year of maternity leave, with 39 weeks partially paid and 12 fully paid, while moms in Mexico get 12 weeks of paid leave."

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