These days, Thomas Rhett makes racking up No. 1 radio hits look easy. He's notched a whopping 13 chart-topping songs since the release of his 2013 debut album, It Goes Like This, and shows no signs of slowing down. In 2019 alone, he hit the coveted top spot with "Sixteen" and "Look What God Gave Her," with his next single, "Remember You Young," also steadily climbing the charts.

Still, Rhett says that he still gets every bit as excited by hearing his songs on the radio as he did the first time he ever heard himself get airplay. Read on to learn the story of that memory, as told by Rhett himself.

I was driving from Los Angeles to [Las] Vegas, and there was a station in between those two routes that had told us what exact time they were gonna play my song. So me and one of my radio reps, George Briner, turned the radio to that station.

I still have the video somewhere on an old iPad, of us filming ourselves sitting in there, listening to that first single that first time. Those are things you just don't forget. And yet, here we are, so much time later, and I hear a song that I've written for somebody else or a song that I'm singing, and it really does feel just as special as day one.

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