In just a matter of weeks there will be millions of travelers hitting the skies to spend time with loved ones and enjoy the holidays together. Before you actually spend time with friends and family most have to travel to get there, navigating the airport can be a pain then hopefully your flight isn't too long. If you are on a longer flight a nap is always a good idea. But would you recline your seat in order to get in a nap.

This topic has gone back and forth for years as some people say that seat reclining is not just the privilege, but the right of every passenger whose seat leans back. While others believe that it is beyond rude since airlines have made seats so small already, reclining gives the person behind you even less space.

My own two cents, I believe it is rude to recline your seat back. While every passenger does have the right to lean back, since we are all packed in like sardines might as well not make it any worse on your fellow passenger.

What do you think? Is reclining your airplane seat wrong?

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