They have become a necessary evil, it is almost impossible to live without a cell phone now. They are our life line to socializing and more importantly to safety if anything were to go wrong. Although times have changed a lot when it comes to phones. I can remember when you would get a free phone or one for 99 cents as long as you signed up for a plan. Not anymore, now they cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Which is why when you crack you screen it is such a heartbreaking feeling.

We have all done it, even if you have the best screen protector possible it seems we will find a way to damage our phones. It makes sense because we use them so much but that almost adds to the aggravation when it breaks. It's always a nervous feeling when checking to see if your screen cracked after dropping it. And obviously, I did this just last night.

Somehow I lost grip of my phone as I was leaving a room in my house and I went to grab it mid-air and I just smacked it harder into the door which caused the screen crack. I didn't notice it at first but a few minutes later I went to look at social media again and saw it. UGH! Oh well, it's not worth staying mad over, it happens.

My last phone was destroyed when I was tossing around a football in front of my brothers house and I left the phone on top of a car. Well, I forgot about it and it slide off the roof when the car was moved later in the day. Another bone head move that I can only blame myself for doing.

Please, help me feel a little better about cracking yet another cell phone screen. How have you broken your phone screen?

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