Thomas Rhett's keeping himself plenty busy during the coronavirus pandemic. He's not only dropping new songs on his social media constantly, he's been spending a lot of time with his family, and joining in on special shows like Disney's Singalong.

More importantly, Rhett has definitely grown his beard back while in quarantine. This comes just a couple of months after he shaved it for the first time in years. He says it was time to grow it back because he thinks he freaked his kids out when he shaved it and his wife Lauren likes his face better without the beard. He noted that it will definitely be another couple of years before he has a shaved face again.

Bobby Bones asked if fans can expect Rhett and his wife to add another family member after all the time in quarantine together. He laughed and said that there will definitely not be a baby number four, at least for sure not this year... he hopes. He does feel like their family of five is finally getting in to a routine now that their third child is getting a bit older. Rhett also confessed that he got some advice from fellow artist Walker Hayes who has six babies. Rhett asked Hayes what the transition would be like from having 2 to 3 kids and Hayes told him it would definitely be easier than the first two transitions he's already had.

Rhett is really excited to get back out on the road, he shared with Bones that his song "Vacation" is always a crowd favorite despite it being a couple of years old, and it's still one of his favorites to play live. He also shared that every night, there's always at least a handful of couples that would get engaged during his song "Die A Happy Man."