An iconic business that has been here since 1953, a Boise restaurant, and an auto body shop are being forced to close their doors due to construction. 

State Street is a problem in Boise for commuters along Veterans Memorial Parkway and 36th Street. That's why an expansion project is set to take place, but its killing the business of the iconic Smoky Davis which has been here since 1953.

The building and business which smokes meat will be demolished, although the owner says he's looking into the possibility of relocating.

Also being demolished in the project is the neighboring restaurant Zen Bento and State Street Auto Body according to KTVB.

Construction is set to begin in January and Smokey Davis plans to be open until the end of December.

The construction will add another lane in each direction on State Street as well as install bicycle lanes at all four intersections, as well as two signal pedestrian crossings at Arthur and Dewey. An additional left lane will also be added for Northbound traffic along Veterans Memorial Parkway and 36th Street.

There's some positives and negatives here, but we're sad to see these local businesses go and hope they can find other homes here in the Treasure Valley very soon.