Gracie McGraw was challenged on Social Media and took her post to a new level to show support for the women in Turkey. If you dont know, there is a growing and powerful movement that has globally taken over social media. Women challenge each other to post a black and white photo of themselves with an empowering and unifying message representing women supporting women. It was started when a global outcry came from women in Turkey.
Grace McGraw, the oldest daughter of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw is 23 and took to the challenge. Her black and white photo with no make up is beautiful but what people are really talking about is her message below. Tim and Faith have obviously done well, she is incredible.

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“Accepted challenge hehehe I love being a womxn,” Gracie began the caption to her post. “Every womxn deserves to have the right to live. This challenge originated in Turkey to bring light to the violence happening against the womxn in Turkey. We stand in solidarity with the womxn in Turkey and we stand in solidarity with all WOMXN. #womxnsupportingwomxn #IstanbulConventionSavesLives #ChallengeAccepted"

Gracie received a ton of love for her post, with many calling her “gorgeous,” while others focused on her empowering message. One fan even commented that Gracie’s “voice and your words are very empowering and inspirational.” So true!


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