In the digital age, opinions spread like wildfire, and one hot topic on the internet these days is the future of Andy Avalos, the head coach of Boise State Football. While many fans are die-hard supporters of the Broncos, there's a vocal contingent who believes it's time for a change in leadership.

The rumblings of discontent with Coach Avalos have been growing, particularly after several disappointing performances. Social media platforms and sports forums have been buzzing with debates, and hot takes calling for his dismissal. 

So, what are some of the key arguments against him?

The handling of quarterback situations and the offense's struggles have added fuel to the fire. Fans are craving a dynamic, game-changing quarterback and feel that the team's offensive woes fall squarely on the coaching staff, even though Ashton Jeanty rushed for 200 yards against Colorado State.


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What are people saying online? 

It all started with "Avalos has earned his way to losing his job tonight in my mind. Fire the man after this sh*t season," on Reddit. People had no problem voicing their opinions, and the census was the same.

Someone did mention that if you "take Jeanty out of the equation & this team is bad at nearly every phase of the game. That's coaching failure." Another big topic was Avalos's recruiting and development could be better. Renovations should be put on hold, and the money should be put towards a competitive coaching salary. Do you agree?

With 3 more win this season they could become bowl eligable, but they do face some tough teams the rest of the the season. You can see who they play below.

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