Think you can get away with zippin' around as fast as you want? Our robot overlords would like a word with you.

Ok, I'm not sure if you can actually refer to those radar speed signs as "robots," but either way they're coming to the Treasure Valley and they'll be watching you.

The Ada County Highway District announced they're installing 50 permanent radar speed signs around Ada County starting today. You know how they work: They display your actual speed and also display the legal speed limit you should be going. Apparently speeding is on the rise in Ada County, and ACHD spokeswoman Nicole DuBois hopes that these signs will help, ahem, curb the problem:

It’s not a (foolproof) method, but if we can reduce speeding at all it would be helpful, and it's a fairly inexpensive way to do it.

Each sign costs about $2,600, and a total of over $130,000 was spent on the entire project.

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