It's called the Balsam Woolly Adelgid and with no native predators, this small insect is multiplying and completely overtaking parts of Idaho.  The Idaho Department of Lands says this bug has the ability to rearrange the species composition of Northwestern forests making this issue a TOP PRIORITY.

KTVB reports that this insect originates from Europe.  It's a tiny, wingless bug that continues to flourish here in North America because of the lack of predators.  Nothing eats this thing, meaning they continue to multiply and multiply and multiply.

So what is this bug after?  They're attacking Idaho trees.  Yeah, you heard me right, they're sucking up all the sap and then injecting toxic saliva which forces the wood to grow weird and abnormal.  Specifically into the 'True Fir' family of trees.

Which areas are being hit the hardest and what to do about this infestation is currently being worked on by Entomologists.  I had to look that up too.  Had no idea what the heck an Entomologist is but basically, they're the guys (and girls) that are smart enough to have in-depth knowledge of anything and everything surrounding these types of situations.  Let's just hope they figure this one out before these suckers hit my backyard right?

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