Since the coronavirus pandemic began, food banks across America have started service twice the amount they're used to and that's no exception for San Antonio Food Bank. They went from 60,000 people a week to 120,000.

8-year-old Khloe Robles really wanted to help the families struggling so she set up a lemonade stand outside of her home and started selling drinks and treats. She told 13 WTHR, "I just really wanted to help. Because not a lot of people have food on their tables to feed them and their families."

At her lemonade stand, Robles made more than $1,000, which will provide over 7,000 meals at the food bank.

San Antonio Food Bank President and CEO Eric Cooper was so touched by the gesture saying, "She nourished not only those that got food, but she nourished us all with her passion. It's just encouraging to see someone young take on a serious issue like hunger."

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