Scott and Sonja Miller wanted to help people in Key West who are among some of the hardest hit by the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The couple is relatively new to living on the island full-time, but that didn't stop them from helping their new neighbors. In late March, the Millers had reached out to the Mayor, looking for a way to help those living in the mooring field by possibly paying back any rent that was owed. At that time, the rents were up to date. Rent costs roughly $20 per day/$358 monthly.

As the months continued with the pandemic causing stress on economy's across the country, this meant people in mooring field were unable to pay rent. So last week, the couple decided to pay the May rent for 52 residents who call the ocean home. They spent $18,594 for all of those living on boats in the city's mooring field, or "on the hook" as the mariners call it.

Scott told Miami Herald, “We’re blessed to have the resources to do it. More importantly, we did it to hopefully inspire others to do so.”