One year ago Deputy William Kimbro stopped a speeding car in South Carolina. But it wasn't the case of a driver speeding for no reason, the driver was trying to get help for a 12-day-old baby Ryleigh that stopped breathing.

During the traffic stop, Kimbro went from conducting a traffic stop to working on the infant with life-saving techniques for almost seven minutes until EMS arrived. Ryleigh survived and since that day Kimbro and Ryleigh's family have become friends. Kimbro even went to Ryleigh's first birthday party.

Now a year later, Ryleigh and her family surprised the police officer and his wife. They were given a penny and a card. The cards asked Kimbro and his wife to be Kyleigh's godparents when they scratched off the little note with a penny. They obviously both said yes!

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