Eric and Faith Johnson's Australian Shepherd Bella has been missing for nearly two months after she alerted her family to a tornado that hit Putnam County in Tennessee and flattened their home.

Faith told WTVF-TV last month that she was recovering from two broken ribs that resulted from holding on to her two children too tightly during the storm. The tornado also injured her husband, who was blown off his family while he was crouched over them inside their bathtub.

Since then, they had been on the hunt for their pup. The Johnsons were staying in a hotel and were leaving Bella pieces of clothes around the neighborhood so she would remember the scent. People had seen her around the neighborhood, but it wasn't until this Friday that someone was able to catch her. Sarah Romeyn, a friend of the Johnsons who tracks missing animals after storms, received a call about Bella. So she set up cameras on some fences between two buildings and she was able to capture Bella when she came out to eat some of the food left out for her. The capture happened with the help of Eric who received a call about her whereabouts. After the capture, they took her to a grooming spot to get some much needed bath time and care.

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