In El Paso, Texas, a woman's car broke down on the side of the road during a hot summer day. Thankfully her car broke down, because the woman discovered puppies crying when she had to get out of her car.

Loretta Hyde with the Animal Rescue League of El Paso shared with KTSM about the phone call she received from the woman, "It was like 103 that day, and so she picked them up and called us and said 'You know I just found these puppies, would you be willing to take them?' and I said 'Absolutely, bring them.'"

The League posted photos of the puppies on Facebook and one of the pups is already headed to North Carolina thanks to Marcel Stratten, a Southwest flight attendant. Stratten had two days off so she flew to El Paso to pick up the pup, used her flying privileges to get him on a Southwest flight, and fly with him to North Carolina. And as for the other puppy who was found in the box, an El Paso family adopted him.

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