Toi Cudworth works for a credit union in San Antonio. After seeing thousands of people lined up outside a food bank in her city in Texas, she wanted to do something.

Cudworth donated most of her stimulus check, $950 worth, to the San Antonio Food Bank. She said,

"I've got a freezer full of food and it just breaks my heart to see people in line. It's America, people shouldn't be hungry."

Not only did she help a bunch of strangers, Cudworth added that she also plans to give money from her check to an elderly couple who live near her. Anything that's left of the check, she says she will buy some treats for her dogs.

For anyone else wanting to do something with their stimulus checks, there is an online campaign called 'Pledge My Stimulus'where more than 100 people have vowed to donate all or part of their stimulus checks to organizations in need during the pandemic.