Would you drink a beer made out of toilet water? Well now's your chance! You heard me right! We've got Boise Breweries serving up beer made from water that's been flushed down the toilet!

The city of Boise says they collect 30 million gallons of used water every day and that it is cleaner than the water you'd get out of your kitchen sink because of the purification process that it goes through.

According to KTVB, the following breweries are serving up this recycled water beer and cider.

  • Barbarian Brewing
  • Long Drop Cider
  • Mad Swede Brewing
  • Lost Grove Brewing

The "toilet water" goes through ultra-filtration, UV ultraviolet light, and advanced oxidation, so while it doesn't sound so appealing, the water is actually really clean.

Who wants to go drink the toilet water beer and report back to us on how it tastes?