If you clicked on this, then you’re probably in the mood for some light, cakey, delicious chocolate brownies! I mean, who wouldn’t be in the mood for that? You’re in luck, because we’ve included a list of the top 5 greatest places for brownies in the Boise area 👇

But first, the question I have for you is this...

Do you like the corner (more well done) pieces, or the middle, more gooey pieces?

For me personally, I love the middle, more gooey pieces! It works out perfect though, because I’m the only one in my immediate family who likes it better that way — so more for me I guess, and I never have to worry about the corner pieces getting eaten because everyone else likes those ones haha!

Also, there (in my opinion) is only one correct way to eat brownies... any guesses?

The one and only correct way to eat brownies is when they’re warm and you cut vanilla ice cream on them!

So, now that we’ve talked a lot about them, you’re probably even more in the mood for brownies now. Where are the best places to get brownies in Boise?

According to Foursquare, there are 15 places for brownies in Boise, and we’re sharing the top 5 from their list. These were ranked by local ratings and reviews, so they must be fan-favorites.

Keep scrolling for the top 5 greatest places for brownies in Boise, more incredible dessert shops, and Boise's Best Coffee Shops 👇

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