There's been a lot of talk about this new golf entertainment venue coming soon to Meridian.  It's all part of a project called Eagle View Landing which should be breaking ground sometime in the next few months.  Eagle View Landing will reside on that 52-acres that sits along Eagle Road, right next to I-84, where Farmstead used to be.

Will this be TopGolf or just some knock-off of what's become THE top of the line golfing entertainment facility nationwide for both golfers and nongolfers?  Boise Dev has done some digging and came up with some very interesting information that definitely could mean TopGolf will end up right here in the middle of the Treasure Valley.

TopGolf used to only reside in major market cities because the multi-million dollar establishment couldn't sustain itself financially without millions of residents.  That's changing.  They have a new venue design that's catered for medium and even smaller markets with as few as 100,000 residents.  The Boise area has approximately 700,000.  This new design allows TopGolf to continue growing, making more money and providing some VERY cool entertainment and fun for us.

Topgolf COO Craig Kessler stated...

We’re incredibly excited to launch the next evolution of our venue business.  This new model will allow us to bring the concept to many more communities reaching millions more guests than we ever could previously. We are actively looking for sites and we will announce more details in the coming months.

Which brings us to our next point.  We already know Meridian's a perfect match with hundreds of thousands of people... a "golf entertainment facility" has already been announced.  I'm no mathematician but 2 + 2 = 4 right?

Boise Dev has more information on what the plans are here in Meridian but unfortunately couldn't get the developer of Eagle View Landing to cough up info telling us if this IS or IS NOT going to be TopGolf.  It shouldn't take too long to find out.  Eagle View Landing is planning on breaking ground this Spring.

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